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2017 PDD

2017 PDD Program Schedule

Matrix formatted schedule for 2017 PDD

Keynote Speakers

Only a partial description is shown below.  For a full description of the keynotes, please refer to the program brochure also available for download on this page.

2017 PDD Keynote Speakers

2017 PDD KEYNOTE: Success Under Pressure: How to Make Your Best Decisions When They Matter Most (Dr. Paul G. Schempp) L changed to STRATEGIC PDU

Imagine how many decisions you make throughout your career. Some decisions need to be made quickly and intuitively, while others require thorough analysis and critical thinking. What sets apart the good from the poor decision makers? How can you make grea

2017 PDD KEYNOTE: Beyond Your Limits (Stacy Allison) LEADERSHIP PDU

"Mt. Everest is one of the most unforgiving environments on Earth. Consequently, decisions and actions don’t get much starker. That’s why mountains, though seemingly a planet apart from the world of business, are a rich source of insights for project man

Session Speakers

Presentation slides are available for download for a limited time.  Sessions are divided by PDU type:  Leadership, Strategic & Business Management, and Technical.  Within each type group, sessions are sorted by first speaker's last name.  A short description is displayed (first 255 characters) to help you identify the session.  For a full description, see the program brochure also downloadable on this page.


2017 PDD Leadership Sessions

2017 PDD Session: Listen Up - How To Be Heard (Nathan Albritton) LEADERSHIP PDU

Our world is a noisy place. Despite our advances in communication technology, it can seem like no one is listening. At the same time conflict seems to becoming the norm. This presentation will address these issues and provide some practical advice on how

2017 PDD Session: PM Talk Story - Round Table (David Grady & Ann Walker) LEADERSHIP PDU

Talking Story is "speaking with Aloha" through conversation, sharing, and storytelling. Our objective with this workshop is to offer you the opportunity to join us in this interactive and relaxed setting to share and learn alongside your fellow colleague

2017 PDD Session: Leading Change in a Complex Environment (Brian Lewis) LEADERSHIP PDU

This presentation will provide an overview of the Middle East business environment, a brief synopsis into Agile Project Management, and illustrate practical examples of how the Agile PM methodology was utilized in leading change within a very complex busi

2017 PDD Session: Be the Team: Bridging the Gap between PM and Project Team (Dr. Joslyn Sato) LEADERSHIP PDU

This workshop will introduce or refresh the participant's knowledge and skills to concepts and techniques for effective teams. Participants will immerse themselves into a simple team project with other session attendees to apply, observe, reflect, and in

2017 PDD Session: How to Mentor a Master? (Dr. Paul G. Schempp) LEADERSHIP PDU

This program will cover two important aspects of mentoring: a) the skills needed to mentor masterfully, and b) developing successful mentoring relationships. The content of this program is based on the presenter’s successful work in establishing Delta Air

2017 PDD Session: PM Secrets Revealed - Panel (Moderator: Dr. Paul G. Schempp) LEADERSHIP PDU

If you had access to a small group of high-caliber industry experts with diverse experience, what would you ask? We are very excited to offer the opportunity to hear from these 4 industry leaders’ talk about their successful experiences, challenges that

2017 PDD Strategic Business Management

2017 PDD Session: Bridging the Gap: Successful Projects in a Multigenerational Workforce (Rachel Bambusch) STRATEGIC PDU

This session will explore the generational gaps and stereotypes that currently exist. Realizing what gaps exist and how to bridge them will ensure successful project implementation in an ever-changing workforce. You can expect an energetic and interactive

2017 PDD Session: Is Your PMO Agile? (Greta Blash) STRATEGIC PDU

This presentation will look at what changes are required by a PMO to be able to support projects that use an adaptive method.

2017 PDD Session: Sustainability in Action (Amy Brinker) STRATEGIC PDU

Learn about the fundamentals of sustainability from Kamehameha Schools' Sustainability Manager, Amy Brinker.

2017 PDD Session: Two Worlds Together - PM and BA (Jamie Champagne) STRATEGIC PDU

In this session we will walk through the project management lifecycle, business analysis life cycle and how they fit not only together but then also within program and portfolio management. The descriptions, skill sets, knowledge areas and application wi

2017 PDD Session: Unleash the Maui (R. Kalani Fronda) STRATEGIC PDU

We as project managers sometimes take comfort in our style. This presentation will challenge you to “break away from your comfort zone”. You will learn how different island cultures approach projects and listen to examples that you could use in the futu

2017 PDD Session: Virtual PMO's (Angela Gabriel) STRATEGIC PDU

Topics for this presentation will include: Introduction to the Virtual Project Management Office, The Need for the Virtual PMO, and Establishing a Virtual PMO.

2017 PDD Session: Agile Project Strategies to Develop a High Performing Organization (Glenn Hamamura & Kaleo Kuroda) STRATEGIC PDU

This presentation provides a perspective on the use of agile project strategies towards creating a high performance organization based on the Baldrige Performance Excellence criteria. The presentation will provide a discussion of the project management c

2017 PDD Session: Risk, A Tale Of 2 (Or Usually More) Assessments (Kenneth Newman) STRATEGIC PDU

As project practices merge across business channels, risk management disciplines often remain siloed and act as separate, and sometimes redundant, review activities. In this session, we’ll explore a more holistic way to think about organizing, managing an

2017 PDD Session: Preventing Project Derailment (Scott Ruppel) STRATEGIC PDU

Examining the importance of project momentum and cadence in project success. Presentation will utilize the Honolulu Rail Project as a case study to highlight material.

2017 PDD Technical Sessions

2017 PDD Session: Everyday Kanban: Getting Your Kids To Do Their Chores (Erin Kaohelaulii-Brett & Steve Dreyer) TECHNICAL PDU

Attendees will learn Lean principles, how Kanban can be effective and how to apply it at home, with the kids, to building a new house or even how to use it in a traditional work setting!

2017 PDD Session: Requirements Workshop Part 2 (Dr. Margaret Latonio & Dylan Souza) TECHNICAL PDU

"This hands-on workshop will be a requirements overview and understanding of requirements through practical examples that participants will work on in teams. From identification of requirements through elicitation techniques to analysis and acceptance c

2017 PDD Session: Project Management Simulation: Our Experience and Lessons Learned (Dr. Larry Rowland & Glenn Hamamura) TECHNICAL PDU

The presenters, both project management educators, teamed up to undertake an online project management simulator - men against a machine. The presentation will chronicle the process and outcomes, both within the simulation and the lessons learned as proje