In 2018 sponsors are our partners!

This year, we’re looking for partners. What do we mean? We mean that we are more interested in hearing your ideas for making the event awesome, than we are in telling you how awesome we are, and asking for money. (And yes we need money, too) 

In addition to the usual bells and whistles (vendor table, logo placed on website and collateral materials, etc.), we want to bring you closer to the content, and the event sessions themselves. This year, we dispense with Bronze, Gold and Silver, and we introduce Track Partners and Custom Partners.

Track partnerships are typically $2,500 each (non-exclusive)

So, which track do you want?

Career Pathways:

Whether you are new to project management or an experienced PMO manager, this track will consider the career paths and options for advancement that are available to project managers, both inside and outside of the project management field. Come to be a
part of the discussion about career planning and mentoring, and hear from local leaders that can share experiences about their own career paths and outcomes.

Practitioner Stories:

Here we will be offering great case studies in project management where people can tie back the lessons learned to their work. Stories from all industries -construction, tourism, military, IT, healthcare, etc. The connection to the overall theme is - don’t recreate the wheel, let’s learn together.

Creative Approaches:

Creative approaches to solve problems of today – This is all about tried and true techniques, new emerging techniques, transformation of techniques and a mash-up of techniques and how to do them in the Real World! It’s not about silver bullets. It’s contextual, it’s real. As professionals we need more ways to solve problems and uncover opportunities in our dynamic, demanding and ever-changing environments. 

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