Step-by-step How to Self-Report PDUs for the 2017 PMIHNL Professional Development Day

This article is for PMI members who need to self-report educational PDUs for the PMI Honolulu Hawaii Chapter 2017 Professional Development Day (PDD) they attended at Ala Moana Hotel on 08/17/2017.

Chapter member attendees who registered and had their name badge QR codes scanned at the sessions they attended will have their PDUs reported by the chapter. The process in this article is only for those who attended a PDD session but did not get scanned or are not Honolulu Hawaii Chapter members.

If you did not attend the session, but plan to watch the video recordings when they become available, you should report your PDUs by a different method. See the Handbooks & Guides link on your dashboard for instructions on reporting Online or Digital Media.  Watch for announcements about videos available on Olelo Community Media.

How to Self-Report PDUs for the 2017 PDD:

  1. Log onto the site or directly to your My PMI site.
  2. Click on the CCRS Dashboard link. 
  3. Click on Search Activities link on the left of the page.
  4. Enter “170817” in the search box and click search.
  5. Scroll until you see the session you want to report.
  6. Click on the Report PDU for this activity link below the description and above the PDU numbers.
  7. The session details will load with all details except the date.
  8. Fill in 08/17/2017 for both started and completed dates.
  9. Read the claim on the bottom of the page, check the I agree box and click Submit
  10. Your claim will be displayed and a survey presented. You may take the survey and then report another claim by clicking the button.

    The claim will be in submitted status.  You’ll receive an email from the system confirming submission. When it is applied, often in a few minutes, you’ll see the status change to “approved” under claims and “applied” under PDUs.  You’ll receive an email from the system confirming your PDU claim has been approved.

Congratulations!  All Done!