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Region 7 Summit

Region 7 Group Photo

We had an amazing 3 days hosting the 2018 Region 7 Summit from March 22nd to March 24th.  There were 200 attendees from 16 of the 18 PMI Region 7 chapters across California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Hawaii. We also had special guests, speakers and sponsors from Montreal, Atlanta, Portland, Japan and Italy.  The event kicked off on Thursday, March 22, 2018 as 46 PMI members did a Robert's Hawaii Honolulu City and Pearl Harbor Memorial Tour. That evening, 100 folks braved the rain to the Hale Koa Hotel luau.  We were treated to incredible keynotes and speakers on Friday and Saturday. 55 individuals attended an amazing Friday night Gala and we had 135 attendees at our Saturday evening reception!

Region Leaders 


The following attendees were randomly selected to share their thoughts about the Summit and what they enjoyed most about the 3-day event:

"I loved having the opportunity to meet new people; there were so many.  Libby Lew from the Honolulu, Hawaii Chapter was amazing, and she was kind enough to help navigate, walk us to the hotel after the Luau, all while giving us tips about the city.  Jeremy Ortiz from the San Diego Chapter jammed with me about their Membership programs and events; did you know that they had a Star Wars movie night?!  Plus I met Jerry Dickerson from the CA Central Valley Chapter, and I'm grateful that he helped provide some guidance in leading the Birds of a Feather session.  There were a ton of other people I met; too many to name.  It was fabulous to network and learn from such an esteemed group of leaders."  ~Trevor Stasik, Director of Member Services, PMI Phoenix Chapter

"What I enjoyed most about this year's Region 7 Summit was making new connections and listening to inspirational leaders about the importance of applying soft skills in the PM sector.  So much of what makes projects successful is not the technical skills, but rather understanding your own EQ and transferring that to effective communication and collaboration.  I also had the advantage and honor of working alongside host chapter leaders to witness firsthand how their laissez-faire approach helps to build confidence in those entrusted with components of the workload required to execute such a large event as well as decrease stress levels.  Go team!!"  ~April Tucker, Director of Finance, California Central Coast Chapter

"Attending the 2018 Region 7 Leadership Summit was my first and an enlightening experience on the PMI program.  What I enjoyed most was meeting members from other chapters.  This allowed me the ability to network and discuss how they run their chapters, challenges and successes they have experienced, along with being able to share information about our chapter.  The lessons learned between us can only make our program better, gaining their experience, along with building potential life-long relationships."  ~John DiGiovanni, Member, Honolulu Chapter



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We are kicking off PMI Honolulu's 20th anniversary year (June 2018 - June 2019)!  Stay tuned for more information. 


PMP Exam Prep Course

The Spring 2018 classes officially launched on April 3rd and is scheduled to end May 15th.  Mahalo to all of our instructors and resource instructors!!  We greatly appreciate your support!

The Summer 2018 course is available for registration now.  It is scheduled to be held from June 4th to July 16th.  For more information, please click here.

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New PDU Opportunity: Advance Topic Series

New PDU opportunities!  In the process of looking for more ways to add value for PMI Honolulu members, we came across a program the PMI Orange County Chapter offers its members.  We thought it would be good to introduce this here in Hawaii.  Please join us for a *NEW* Advance Topic Series (ATS) as we deep dive into different project management topics.  The format of this series will be a brief slide presentation followed by individual and group exercises as well as Q&A. 

The first series will be offered on Saturday, June 2, 2018 from 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM at a location in Honolulu.  A total of 4 PDUs will be offered.  Great for those who are looking for PDUs to help maintain PMP certification requirements, especially for those who are unable to attend monthly breakfast, lunch, or evening events.  Charge will be $40 for PMI HNL Members, $60 for Non-Members, and $20 for students.  Late registration fees will apply.  Light breakfast will be included too!  If you would like to be a speaker for the ATS, please contact Erin Gonzalez at


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Professional Development Day

Project Management Practitioners.  New or Experienced. Story-tellers.  Interactive.  Engaging.  Creative.  Real-World perspective.  Mentor.  Leader. 

The Project Management Institute® Honolulu Chapter is hosting its annual Professional Development Day and this year is special, it is our 20th Anniversary.  To prepare for this special event, we interviewed and surveyed past attendees, speakers, sponsors, and the PMI Honolulu board to truly understand our customers.  That led us to this year's program and the the overall theme of A'ohe Hana Nui Ke Alu'iaNo Task Is Too Big When Done Together. 

The three tracks that align with that theme are: 
1) Career Pathways: Whether you are new to project management or an experienced PMO manager, this track will consider the career paths and options for advancement that are available to project managers, both inside and outside of the project management field. Come to be a part of the discussion about career planning and mentoring, and hear from local leaders that can share experiences about their own career paths and outcomes. 

2) Practitioner Stories: This will be great case studies where people can tie back the lessons to their work. Stories from all industries - construction, tourism, military, IT, health-care, etc. The tie back to the overall theme is don’t recreate the wheel, let’s learn together.

3) Creative Approaches: Creative approaches to solve problems of today – This is all about tried and true techniques, new emerging techniques, transformation of techniques and a mash-up of techniques and how to do them in the Real World!  It’s not about silver bullets. It’s contextual, it’s real. As professionals we need more ways to solve problems and uncover opportunities in our dynamic, demanding and ever-changing environments. How do you work WITH your stakeholders to move projects to successful completion?  How do you co-create? How do you build relationships and ohanas with your teams - while accomplishing amazing goals? 

Do you have a story that aligns with one or more of those themes you want to share with 400+ industry professionals and community leaders? If yes, keep reading. 

Critical Success Factors

There are key concepts we heard from our customers related to the program that you need to be aware of for your submission.

  1. Interaction - Your presentation needs to be engaging and interactive.  No task is Too Big When Done Together. That theme includes how the presentations will be delivered.  Interaction ensures a higher chance your content will stick with the attendees so they can utilize lessons learned in the workplace.

  2. Theme and track topics - Your presentation needs to align with the overall theme, one or more of the track topics, and have a tie to the keynote topic.

Interested in proposing a session? Click below to submit. Want more information? See more information below. 

The Process

To ensure the customer experience exceeds expectations, a new process was designed to select storytellers, help them prepare, and align the content being delivered with other aspects of the conference.  Examples of these other conference elements are: sponsorship and pre- and post-PDD activities. Here is a high level timeline of our new process:

1.  Call for Stories - April 11, 2018 - May 31, 2018
2.  Review for submissions - 1st submission through June 15, 2018
3.  Interviews with prospective storytellers - June 1, 2018 - June 30, 2018
4.  Selection announcement - July 15, 2018
5.  Acceptance due by July 31, 2018
6.  Coaching - August 1, 2018 - September 30, 2018
7.  Final presentations submitted to program team - October 1, 2018

In addition to the above we may ask some of the selected storytellers to share a preview of their story on video or short webinar to help promote the event. Dates for this activity are not set yet.

Ready to propose a session? Click below to submit. Want more information? Keep reading below.

What's in it for you?

You are one of our customers too!  We want to ensure this experience is special for you. Here are some of the benefits speakers will receive.

1.  There are a limited number of speaking slots this year.  You will be highlighted as a key contributor to our chapter's 20th anniversary PDD.
2.  Photographers and videographers will be on-site to capture each session.  You will get copies of your photographs and video.
3.  Free entrance to the PDD event.
4.  Coaching - to ensure we have consistent highly engaging and interactive sessions, you will meet with a coach up to 3 times to help you prepare.  The goal is to bring out your style of interaction, not make everyone have the same style of presentation.
5.  A chance to interact with our keynote presenter to ensure there is alignment from the first message of the day all the way through the end.
6.  If not selected, there are other opportunities to participate.  We plan on having an 'Open Space' where you can share your ideas with others interested.  We will also need facilitators to help guide conversations, and many more options.

Now you are ready!  Click below to submit!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send an email to:

Thank you for considering sharing your knowledge and expertise with our Chapter.

The 2018 PMI HNL PDD Program Team

Gaby Noriega

Jamie Champagne
Kupe Kupersmith
Peter Lewis
Corey Matsuoka



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Our Membership

Welcome new members who joined us in the 1st quarter of 2018!

Phyllis L. Hunter P. Lynsey E. Nicholas B. Helen E.
Jodi M. Karen O. Jose M. Elizabeth B. Sabrina P.
Joshua H. Nicholas D. Mark G. Mia K. Wendy M.
Todd F. Jarett C. Coleman K. Roger W. Rhonda H.
Simon L. Richard K. Kristina A. Lisa R.  
Edwin S. Michael C. Spencer V. TJ G.  
DreanaLee K. Angela G. Kyle U. Lee R.  
Sean W. Viktoria S. William D. Heather R.  
Steve L. Lloyd T. Ann Marie H. Andrew L.  
Mark M. Rachel D. LeeAnne B. Luca N.  
Brian F. Vanderla A. Jun Z. Kevin W.  
Natalia G. Christopher E. Eric K. Kamalei W.  
Kari G. Isaac F. Dean D. Victoria N.  


Membership as of March 31, 2018:  734 members

March Membership Data

 Member Credential Count Summary after the 1st quarter of 2018:

Membershiip Credentials for 2nd qtr newsletter

Congratulations to our new credential achievers in the first quarter of this year!!

Rafael E. Danny M.
Orlando G. Lisa-Marie E.
John K. Ann Marie H.
Joathon M. Lloyd T. Jr.
Matthew T. Todd F.
Maile M. Melissa F.
Matthew P. Dreana Lee K.
James K. Christopher M.
Nicholas D. Daphne G.
Leroy N. Tina F.
Jennifer Y. Marcus L.
Chun-Yu L.  


Anniversary Celebrations (achieved during the 1st quarter of 2018)

The following individuals are celebrating 5 years of membership with our organization:

Kenneth M. 
Kanealii N. 
Jamie T. 
Karin K. 
Jenni M. 
Edward W. 
Bert K. 
Alfred H. 


The following individuals are celebrating 10 years of membership with our organization:

Daryl C. 
Aida L. 
Barbara K. 
Michael J. 
Jeffrey O. 


The following individuals are celebrating 20 years of membership with our organization:

Sharon R. 
Kerstan W.
Gregory K. 


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Member Highlight

My 30th anniversary, PMI Honolulu, Hawaii Chapter’s 20th

by Founding Member Larry Rowland Ed.D. PMP

Dr. Rowland is our College Relations Director.  He was a critical proponent in the formation of a PMI chapter in Hawaii, and has continued to be an active board member.  Read his story about the early days of project management and PMI Honolulu, Hawaii Chapter (PMIHNL).

For me, PMIHNL ‘s 20th anniversary started thirty years ago. At the time I had a client that wanted to institute his management model across his entire organization. POAC - Plan, Organize, Act, Control were the management processes. PEGS - Profit, Efficiency, Growth, Survival were the the drivers. The contract culminated in The Blue Book, a manual for project management. I really liked this stuff. I soon discovered other management models that were more broadly recognized. They were also supported by a history of practice that was quite convincing. One of those models was a loose collection of books and articles called the Project Management Body of Knowledge promoted by the Project Management Institute. It was like discovering a gold mine. I convinced some consultant friends to go in on a vendor booth at the international PMI conference. In those days, the certification exam was given at such conferences in huge ballrooms with rows and rows of tables for the test takers. I attended a one-day exam preparation session one day and took the exam the next. 

As a practicing PMP, the most difficult part was being the only one on a project that was aware of “project management”. On one project, I dutifully submitted my status reports until the boss yelled at me, “Why do you keep on sending me these things. Stop!” On other projects as a consultant, subject matter experts resented my presence and refused to acknowledge any value in my role. And, they were not subtle about it - more yelling. But, when I got full control of a project from start to end and was allowed to practice project management to its fullest, we won national recognition for the project’s impact on the industry. That project was proof for me that projects could be managed, be fun to do, and be successful. 

That is when I met Bill Henneberry. Bill had been part of a PMI chapter chartering somewhere on the mainland. He was now in Honolulu and discovered me as one of two PMPs on Oahu. I had inquired about chartering with PMI years earlier, but had gotten no support from PMI. This time it worked. Bill and I drew up the paperwork and started holding promotional meetings to gather the 25 people we needed to charter. Unfortunately, Bill got another position on the mainland before we chartered. But, we did get chartered [in 1998]. We formed a board and were officially visited by a PMI board member in recognition of our new chapter. 

The PMI Honolulu, Hawaii Chapter was a new beginning. I was totally committed to project management. Word got around and I was invited to informal lunch brown bag meetings to explain what PMI and its standards meant to project management. I was not being invited by top management, no. I was clandestinely being invited by middle managers who were feeling the pinch and needed something new to make things better. So, PMI’s project management methods started to take hold. It was years before top management recognized the value that had already been realized by the project managers. It was more years until project management training was actually housed within organizations. But, PMI was there providing a foundation in principle, techniques, and values to drive profit, efficiency, growth, and survival in the Honolulu community.

And, to PMI, thank you and happy anniversary.

[Thank YOU! Larry, for your dedication and years of contribution to project management and PMIHNL!]

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Member Survey Deadline Apr 30!  Your chance to enhance your chapter!

Please submit your survey if you have not already done so.  This is your opportunity to improve to how your chapter provides services.  Tell us your dreams!  All chapter members were sent the invitation to participate via email on April 12th.  If you did not receive a survey or joined the chapter after April 12th, contact Audrey Jewell at to receive an invitation to participate.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Our PMI Honolulu Chapter offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals who want to give back to the organization and also earn PDU credits.

Please visit the Volunteer Resource Management System (VRMS) at  User login and password is the same as your PMI login.  For Hawaii's open positions, go to Find Opportunities and select Honolulu Chapter under the Chapter pull-down menu.

If you have any questions regarding the VRMS website, please email our Membership Director at

At this time, we are looking for a volunteer to replace our current Marketing, Director at Large.  If you are interested and would like more information, please email Bhawna Mundotia at

Future Opportunities

A volunteer opportunity you can also consider is running for a Board position later this year.  The following positions will be available for elections in the future so please reach out to these current officers and ask them questions if you are interested:

Current Vice President - Lee Brightwell (

Current Communications Director - Audrey Jewell (

Current Membership Director - Yoh Kawanami (


Current Special Projects Director - Gabriela Noriega (

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Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities - Member Only

Here are the latest posts:

  • Project Manager I / II (NEW)


To view these opportunities, go to the Member Area by logging in using the Member login Quick Link on the left margin of most pages or the Member Area link at the top of any page.  Login using your login, then click on the Classifieds link in the Quick Link menu on the left margin of the Member Area page.

Employers:  Got a job to post to our members?  Submit your ad here:

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Mahalo to our annual sponsors!



Interested in sponsorships?


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Sponsor Ad

Project Management Basics at University of Hawaii at Manoa Outreach College



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