2018 PDD Speakers

These pages will feature the speakers for our 2018 PMIHNL Professional Development Day as each is confirmed.  Please check back often for updates.

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Ramsay Taum

Ramsay Taum is founder and President of the Life Enhancement Institute of the Pacific and Cultural Sustainability Planner at PBR Hawaii & Associates. Mentored and trained by respected Hawaiian elders, he is a practitioner of several Native Hawaiian practices including ho’oponopono, lomi haha, and Kaihewalu Lua. Kumu Ramsay is a sought-after keynote speaker, cultural resource, lecturer, trainer and facilitator.

He was awarded the 2013 Peace Day Hawai‘i Peace Maker of the Year in recognition of his lifetime career advocating the spirit of Aloha around the world, in fields of ecology, business, communications, economic development and Hawaiian culture. His work in promoting sustainable place based, and Hawaiian cultural stewardship principles and practices is acknowledged locally, nationally and internationally. Ramsay was awarded the 2008 East West Centers Leadership
Certificate Program’s Transformational Leadership in Sustainability, and the Hawai’i Home + Remodeling, HONOLULU & Hawai’i Business magazines’ “Who’s Keeping Hawai’i Green” 2008 Individual Educator Honoree.

Closing Keynote

Raji Sivaraman, M.S., PMI-ACP, PMP, PMO-CP

Raji Sivaraman, M. S, PMI-ACP, PMP, PMO-CP Principal of ASBA LLC, helps USA/Singapore companies with strategic planning/overseas startups and CSR/BSR/Mobility projects. Raji is a consultant, strategic adviser and an Advisory Board member for non-profit organizations. 

Raji has worked in IT, publishing, financial, standards and logistics industries as a lead project manager and implementation manager. She is a keynote speaker, agile practitioner, adjunct professor, researcher, author, and contributor to Project Management books, articles, and white papers. In a nutshell, a Pracademic. She is 2013 Women leaders of Singapore and excited to learn with you.


James R. Snyder

The PMI Honolulu Chapter is excited to announce it's special guest for Professional Development Day 2018, to be held on October 19, 2018. 

James Snyder is a founder of the Project Management Institute, Fellow of the Institute, volunteer executive director for 13 years, first president, and past chair of the Board. He continues to be an active participant in the activities of the Institute. He was been awarded the PMI Person of the Year Award and is an Honorary Life Member of the Institute. He received the 2010 James J. O’Brien Lifetime Achievement Award from the PMI College of Scheduling. Mr. Snyder is a founding member of the PMI Delaware Valley Chapter (DVC).

He will be speaking on the topic of Reflections on the History of Project Management and the Project Management Institute.  A treat you don't want to miss! 

Closing Session Speakers

Curtis Michelson, founder Minds Alert, llc

Curtis provides strategic consulting and design services to help clients envision, test and deliver breakthrough products, services, business models. He consults with enterprises in media, publishing, education and member-driven nonprofits.

Kupe Kupersmith, founder KupeTalks, llc

As the founder of KupeTalks and the Atlanta Engagement Director, Market Rate Consulting, Kupe’s main objective is to help you connect, collaborate, and be ready for the future. For the past 20 years Kupe has been helping organizations achieve business value with an Improv advantage.


Breakout Sessions


Track 1: Creative Approaches

Mauka Room


Achieving Organizational Productivity Through Games

Rachel Bambusch, CSSB and Stefanie Angsioco

Let's play a game! Gamification and game-based learning are an industry leading concepts that we will explore through a process improvement experience. You will be able to implement immediately in training or production environments. Take home a new strategy for your team and learn about process improvement, too. Come see how playing games can help you achieve better results! This is a hands-on session with PowerPoint learning, games and group discussion.  This session is limited to 30 attendees so be sure to secure your seat by arriving early!

Learning Objectives:

  • Results you can achieve through implementation of gamification and game-based learning
  • Understand the basics of operational excellence
  • Understand through a hands-on activity that no task is too big when done together




Be Well to PM Well: Leveraging Wellness to Create High Performing Project Teams

Dr. Joslyn Sato, PMP

Does your project team seem burnt out? Are your triple constraints controlling your personal well-being? Did you know that unhealthy employees cannot perform at their optimal levels, which could impact your project's progress?

Since we spend a large part of our day within our projects, our work lifestyle has a significant influence on our well-being.  By understanding the importance of wellness in the workplace (and on a project), Project Managers can positively influence well-being.

This interactive workshop will inform you about Blue Zones Project® and provide you some best practices that you can implement in the project environment. 



Communication: It's Not Just a Buzz Word

Christine P. Rose MPM

Knowing how to communicate to and with your project team starts before your project management process does. Communication isn't about hearing or talking, it's about learning, understanding, listening and caring.

Having compassion for your fellow human beings isn’t soft or sissy stuff…it’s essential to your survival as a Project Manager. Getting to the root of behaviors you encounter is key to working WITH your stakeholders to move projects to successful completion.



Scope IS the Big Picture

Heather Mylan-Mains, MBA, CBAP, CSM

Analysis is everywhere. It’s not limited to a certain role or title in an organization. It’s for everyone. Excellent business analysis will dazzle your customers. Learning to structure your thinking doesn’t come from a textbook. It comes from hands on practice with real life scenarios we face in our organizations every day.

Come and practice techniques to understand your customers from their viewpoint. Learn how their stories will impact your projects. This journey through your customer’s eyes will allow you to think through risks, gaps, and scope. The end result will be better business outcomes. And we will have fun!



Retrospect‐O‐Fall: How to Create High Performing, Self Motivated Teams

Erin Kaohelaulii‐Brett

Have you ever worked with individuals that lack motivation and teamwork, causing your project to miss key deadlines? How about running lessons learned sessions that resulted in no follow-up improvements? In this interactive workshop, attendees with learn how to use Agile/Scrum tools and techniques in a traditional project.



Track 2: Career Pathways

Makai Room


Be seen, be understood! Tell your career story and give STAR answers! (2-hour session)

Ryland Leyton

To be seen and understood is something we all want.  In a professional interview this becomes even more important!  What is the best way to create this mutual understanding rapidly, truthfully, powerfully and with meaning? 

You tell your career story and use STAR answers to illustrate your value and your strengths! In this hands-on, minds-on, active participation session you will learn the tools to assemble your career story and STAR answers letting you tell the journey of your career and create showcases for your abilities helping you to stand out in any situation!     


Outside the PMO – Utilizing Project Management Competencies in Alternate Career Paths

Peter Lewis, PMP

What makes you a good project manager? What do employers look when hiring a project manager? Is a career in project management your goal, or is project management a stepping stone to something else? Join Peter Lewis (a reformed project manager) for this session that will explore how the competencies that are gained in project management are relevant to career paths outside of the PMO.



What Does the Future Hold for Project Management and PMI

James R. Snyder

To understand the project management professional of 2018 and beyond, requires an understanding of how we have matured and changed from the project schedulers of the 1960's. How did PMI play a role in building a new profession?

At this 20th anniversary, this presentation aims to put you back in the 1960's, help you understand the motivation for the founding of PMI and to give you a look at the time and people. With this bit of history as a backdrop, we will then take a look at what the future may hold for the project management profession and PMI.



Panel Discussion

Stepping Stone: Talking Story About Decision Making in Your Career - Panel Discussion Moderated by BerryDunn

Moderator:  Danielle Ewing

Peter Lewis, PMP
Ryland Leyton
Ben Yuan, PMP


Track 3: Practitioner Stories



Life from Behind the Scenes of a Large Project

Rosemary Peh, PMP

Large project implementations are anything but smooth. Learn about real world challenges and what it takes to achieve success while maintaining team morale and stakeholder support; all while maintaining your own sanity!


What's Your Function?

R. Kalani Fronda, CCIM

A healthy community continues to create and improve physical and social environments. It expands its resources by empowering people to operate and grow using their individual function to develop to their maximum potential.



When You are the New PM and Kick‐Off is Tomorrow... What do you do?

Katelyn Shelly, PMP & Kevin Rasmussen, PMP

Project managers are expected to follow the PMBOK guidelines, but organizational cultures and senior management decisions rarely afford the opportunity to follow all recommended processes and steps. As project managers, how do we adapt to real-world situations while keeping true to the PMBOK principles? This interactive session is meant to explore these situations and discuss the challenges and opportunities project managers face on a daily basis, in a game-like setting.




Save 80 Hours, Build Better Relationships

Dean Anthony Ramos

Presentation based on my case study of taking 80 hours of work and condensing it into a few minutes.

I will go over:
1) What working for Toyota was like
2) The struggle of making a change
3) How I built relationships

Through the story, the attendee will learn:
1) Basic Kanban Principles
2) How to Identify Opportunities
3) Implement change




Bringing Corporate Strategy and the Portfolio Along Together – Lessons Earned

Columbus Brown, CBA, SA

Many organizations embark upon their strategic execution journey without a solid approach to translate the work being done back to why it matters to the enterprise in measurable ways.

In this session you experience real Lessons Earned stories by companies that aligned their corporate strategy to the product and project portfolios delivering business value.

You will also gain quick tips on how you can get your organizations strategic implementation aligned, how to make decisions for prioritization by business value, and techniques to manage strategic changes in a hybrid agile/waterfall environment.