PMI Honolulu Hawaii Chapter at The Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies


PMI Honolulu, Hawaii Chapter President Kane Ng-Osorio and Communications Director Audrey Jewell will be talking to students at the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies this week.

The Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (DKI APCSS) is a U.S. Department of Defense institute that officially opened Sept. 4, 1995, in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Center addresses regional and global security issues, inviting military and civilian representatives of the United States and Asia-Pacific nations to its comprehensive program of executive education and workshops, both in Hawaii and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

The students are studying to take the PMP exam.  We were invited by Dr. Ron Richards DM/IST, PMP, CISSP, ITILv3  to speak to the students about PMI, about the local chapter, and what we offer to members as well as the community.   This is a great opportunity for new project managers to meet local chapter leaders and hear about benefits available to them. 

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Spotlight on Dr. Kenneth Smith, PMP

 Meet One of Our Chapter Members

Dr. Kenneth F. Smith, PMP is a world traveler and Project Management consultant, military veteran, retired Air Force Reserve Colonel, and an active member of PMI Honolulu Hawaii Chapter (PMIHNL).

I asked Ken if he’d be willing to chat with me for this article because he’s been a long time member of PMIHNL (since 2009) and PMI (since 1977) - and has the shortest PMI ID number I’d ever seen!  You may have seen him when he was a speaker at our Professional Development Days (PDD) or at one our monthly events.  At first I thought he’d be an interesting person to meet and write about.  He’s more than that.  I walked away genuinely impressed with all that he has done for project management, all he has done in his life, and that he continues to give back after 33 years.  He’s not just a long time member.  He’s accomplished more than the average person.  He was previously a U.S. Senior Foreign Service Officer for U.S. Agency for International Development, serving overseas primarily in Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, and Indonesia.  Served as a U.S. Civil Service Management Analyst and Systems Specialist for the U.S. Defense Department, Navy, and Air Force.  His work and consultancy scope includes Bangladesh, Burma (Myanmar), Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Peoples Republic of China, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, & Vietnam.

Formerly of the Washington D.C. Chapter, he joined the Honolulu Hawaii Chapter when he moved here in 2009.  He also has a close association with the Philippines Chapter as he was asked to help them get organized and set up as an official PMI chapter.  He continues to travel there to conduct symposiums and seminars.

He’s recorded a video available on called BEYOND EARNED VALUE: The Project Performance Index (PPI) & TriColor Traffic Light System.

He’s written a number of articles also available including “Earned Value: Monitoring Projects More Effectively”, “Integrated Project Performance Status (IPPSTAT) Template”, and “Teachable Moments: The Rubber Improvement Project”Some of these are only available to members.

In addition to what was published there, Ken generously provided PMIHNL with two other papers:  “SHORT HISTORY OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT” (from the latest symposium presentation he conducted) and “MONITOR YOUR PROJECTS MORE EFFECTIVELY! EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT “EARNED VALUE” THAT MAY HELP YOU TO DO SO” (an update to the article above).  Available for download by members here.

Ken’s latest contribution went back to when he reviewed a preview copy of the PMBOK® 6th edition and provided feedback.

Did I mention Ken is an active member?  The moral of the story is that we have awesome members in our chapter who give back in many ways.  Let us all learn by his example.

A few more thoughts from Ken:

Why Hawaii?  “Hawaii is the only place that actually looks like its post cards!”

What message would you give to a new PMI member about why joining PMIHNL is important?  “It’s great for networking with other people that are in the business.  We all come from different sectors and industries but we all talk the same language (project management).  Every process is a potential project.”

What message would you give to someone who has been a PM for a long time? “Keep plugging away!”

Want to meet Ken or see his presentations for yourself?  You’re in luck.  Ken will be presenting “Smith Grid for Teambuilding Your Board” at the PMI Region 7 Leadership Summit on March 22-24, 2018 at Ala Moana Hotel. 

Be sure to attend!  Normally only open to chapter leaders like your Board of Directors, this year, all PMI members are invited to attend!  Take advantage of this opportunity to earn PDUs and meet leaders from other chapters in our region.

By:  Audrey Jewell, PMP, 2018 Communications Director

Book Review of Sustainability in Project Management

Sustainability means different things to different people. So, what does sustainability mean to the project manager?

At the June 2016 Breakfast Roundtable, the topic under discussion concerned the concept of sustainability and project management. The inspiration for the topic came from a book by Silvius, Schipper, Planko, Van den Brink, and Kohler, entitled "Sustainability in Project Management." Dr. Rowland starts the discussion by saying "Sustainability means different things to different people. So, what does sustainability mean to the project manager?"

If you missed the event, here's your chance to get acquainted with the topic through a review of the book by Dr. Rowland.


It’s hard to miss the topic of sustainability. It is everywhere. However, when I saw the book by Silvius, Schipper, Planko, Van den Brink, and Kohler, entitled Sustainability in Project Management, I had to stop and think just what that meant. Being trained as an economist, I attribute sustainability to financial viability. But, just what more needed to be included in the concept of sustainability beside an environmental outlook, was something I had never applied to the idea and role of project management.

Silvius et al., as authors, are practicing project managers dedicated to sustainability. They are based in the Netherlands and provide an international perspective in their book. The following discussion will review the topics covered in their book and highlight some of the concepts that were particularly compelling.



About Larry Rowland

Dr. Larry Rowland is an Associate Professor teaching project management in HPU's MSIS and MBA programs. He has been serving as College Relations Director for PMI Honolulu Hawaii Chapter for several years. As part of his chapter volunteer activities, Dr. Rowland facilitates a monthly Breakfast Roundtable discussion about various project management or related topics with chapter members, business professionals, students, and anyone interested to attend. Look on our home page and event page for the next Breakfast Roundtable.