Looking for PDU opportunities? (Updated for 2018)


For all PMI certifications, including the Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification, you will need to follow PMI's Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program and earn professional development units (PDUs.) PMI's goal is to ensure that your certified competencies stay relevant and up-to-date.  Earning PDUs could be difficult, time-consuming and costly, but PMI Honolulu Hawaii Chapter is here to help.

PMI Honolulu Hawaii Chapter is proud to offer our members a variety of ways to earn PDUs and support our members in identifying, earning and recording their PDU to maintain their certification(s).  Choose the ways that work for you and make the most of your enrichment:

1. Attend a PMI Honolulu Hawaii Chapter event

a. Breakfast Roundtable events, monthly.
b. General Member Meetings and Luncheon events, monthly.
c. Professional Development Day (PDD) events, annually.
d. Annual Chapter Member Meeting and Dinner events, annually.

Check out PMI Honolulu Hawaii Chapter's Future Meetings and Calendar of Events for all upcoming events.  Also look for invitation emails (members get them automatically, but if you're not a member and want to get these emails, just join our Email List) or visit our website frequently for our upcoming events. 

2. Watch a luncheon presentation or PDD session cablecast on Olelo Cablecast.

The Home and Events pages contain articles announcing new cablecast and the re-cablecast schedules.  Most shows will premier on a Wednesday and repeat weekly on Sundays for several weeks so you have plenty of opportunities to catch a showing.

3. Watch Video-On-Demand on Olelo On Demand.

There are a couple of ways to find the videos. First, look for relevant content on Olelo On Demand: in the search field type "PMI" and click Search.  The results provide a video link to watch right away, and two links to download audio only or video.

exclamation628x550Warning! The Video-On-Demand is available for a limited time only.  Take advantage of this easy method to earn PDUs -- watch the videos before they are removed from the site.


4. Volunteer as an instructor or resource for PMI Honolulu Hawaii Chapter's PMP Exam Prep Classes.

5. Volunteer at one of PMI Honolulu Hawaii Chapter's events, as a Board of Directors, Chapter Officer or Committee member.

6. Volunteer on a global level as well as locally via PMI's global tool: Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS)

PMI also provide other ways to earn PDUs and maintain your certification:

  • Education - Course or Training.

Study solo or engage in a group learning activity. Need ideas for a topic? The PMI®Talent Triangle shows the ideal skill set for today’s practitioner. Visit PMI's Face-to-face, instructor-led courses from PMI Seminars World®,e-Learning On Demand coursesAcademic education through programs accredited by the PMI Global Accreditation Center (GAC)Training courses offered by a PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.), courses from other third party providers.  To view some of the upcoming opportunities, see PMI's events calendar.

  • Organizational Meetings held by other PMI chapters.

Similar to PMI Honolulu Hawaii Chapter, you can attend other chapter events to earn PDUs- see PMI's Local Chapters for more information.

  • Online or Digital Media.

Look into the opportunities that are available through these resources: ProjectManagement.come-Learning On Demand coursesPMI Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s) or conduct self-directed reading that is relevant to the certification you hold at: PMI StoreProjectManagement.com.

  • Giving Back.

Work as a Practitioner in your certified role, create content (by creating new knowledge resources for use by practitioners and the public at large), give a presentation relevant to your certification, share knowledge to help others learn and grow and volunteer.

For every hour of these events, activities or educational videos, you may claim 1 PDU.  For details on claiming fractions of PDU’s and other details on requirements see the PMI.org website http://www.pmi.org/certifications/maintain.
PMI Honolulu Hawaii Chapter will help with some PDU reporting (when you attend PDD for example) but for the most part, PDUs are self-reported at PMI's Continuing Certification Requirements System (CCR) also accessible through MyPMI on www.pmi.org

Read PMI's Frequently asked Questions for additional information about PDUs, the CCR program and more.

Want to know another secret? By participating as a facilitator at a roundtable discussion or by presenting at a lunch or at the PDD, you will earn valuable PDUs and Give Back!

Interested?  Email the Communications Director to inquire for opportunities to Give Back or for any additional information about PDUs.

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