PMP Exam Study Group Sign-Up

You asked.  We listened!

This sign-up is to provide a means for anyone studying to take the PMI PMP Exam to gather together and coordinate study sessions.   If you sign up here, please be aware that your contact information (name and email) will be shared with other study group seekers.  Once we coordinate an initial meeting, the study group will be allowed to self-manage themselves to continue collaboration.


This will be shared among other study group seekers.

  PMI Honolulu Hawaii Chapter Member
  PMI Member, but not Chapter Member
  Not a PMI member

This will help you find study group partners with similar goals and preferences.

  In-person study group.
  Virtual study group.
  Collaboration online (i.e. text, chat, email).
  Periodic sessions during the day.
  Periodic sessions during the evening (after work hours)
  Single session i.e. all day.

After about 1 week, we will send out an email to all partipants in order to initiate the first meeting.  Any questions or concerns, email Communications Director via the Contact Us page.

Mahalo! and Good Luck!