Are you interested in giving back to your community, building your network of professionals, strengthening your leadership skills, and implementing new ideas within our learning and development community?   

We are looking for OUTSTANDING volunteers! 

Is this your first time volunteering?  No worries!  We are in this together and will provide the support that you need in order to succeed.

Why should you volunteer?

  • Unique opportunity to make a contribution to the community

  • Get an insider’s view on being part of an event

  • Gain useful leadership experience and satisfaction

  • Meet like-minded people as well as the leading experts in the fields of project management

  • Identify possibilities for personal skills development

  • Strengthen your resume

In return for volunteer services PMIHNL gladly offers the following benefits:

  • Earn PDUs!

  • Complimentary food & beverage during onsite volunteer shifts

  • Complimentary Conference registration after 5 full shifts (8 hours each) of volunteering

  • A certificate of participation

Positions will be assigned based on qualifications and in order of applications received. Please contact if you have any questions.

We look forward to your participation in this unique event. Thank you for your support!

Apply now:

Please fill out your application below and note that application deadline is Friday, July 6, 2018.

  • Speaker Coordinator: Maintains communications with selected speakers and track chairs. This includes: 1) inform all candidates who applied to speak at PDD whether they have been selected or not, 2) Collect signed agreement forms from selected speakers, 3) Collect and secure any material needed for speaker's presentation (i.e. Flip charts, markers, etc) 4) Propose ideas for speaker gifts

  • Pau Hana Coordinator: Coordinate and help setup for Pau Hana event. Assist with Pau Hana volunteer assignments. Provide marketing material to promote Pau Hana event. 

  • Pau Hana volunteer(4): Help Pau Hana coordinator with Pau Hana related tasks: decorations, setup, etc.

  • Sponsorship Volunteer(5): Outreach to organizations and community partners so that they can be part of PDD, help setup partner(sponsor) area at the event location, send thank you letters and appreciation gifts to all partners.

  • Registration Team Lead: Collect walk-in registration data, print sign-in sheets, print name tags, develop registration layout for effective flow, train registration volunteers. 

  • Registration Volunteer (5): Help with check-in process, provide conference bag, and guide guests throughout event. Volunteers will work in shifts on day of event (AM/PM). 

  • Brochure volunteer (2): Decide on platform, create brochure structure, import images into brochure, send for printing.

  • Photographer (2): Photographers needed to take pictures during event. 

  • Conference App coordinator: Setup and manage the conference app, create instructions for app and post on website, social media, etc., make video for easy adoption by attendees.

  • Workshop Space Coordinator: Help workshop presenters secure space (conf rooms) where they can present their workshop pre and/or post conference. Help advertise for the workshop events through PMIHNL platform.

  • Online Marketing Coordinator: Develop content for various publications (chapter newsletter, PMI today, Midweek, Olelo), Lead team in brainstorming and developing branding, messaging and design, manage digital presence (social media, conference website, etc) work with Social Media Coordinator and Communications Lead

  • On-site volunteer (7): Manage and setup signage for day of event, help inside the track rooms to make sure speakers have everything they need, help answer questions from attendees